With a staff carefully selected and trained, Odara Instituto de Terapias stands out for its professionalism and total dedication towards the client. Suggesting the best therapy for each case, our team of therapists has the objective to make your session memorable, luxurious and fulfilling.







The Clinic

Have a break. Harmonize your whole self. We offer comfortable and luxurious massage rooms with all the structure needed for an unforgettable session.

Types of Massage

A place for renovation. We offer several massage techniques that relieve pain caused by tension in the muscle, activates the circulatory system, and balances the body by distributing energy in the meridians.

Massage technique that combines soft, slow and sinuous movements, promoting the relaxation and balance of body and mind. Its approach is very gentle and helps to slowly relieve the pressure related to stress, relaxing the muscle tissue and removing toxins from the body. Reflexologia (Reflexology): Massage performed on the feet, stimulating certain points with reflexive action in zones of the whole body. Its objective is to not only relax but also be a preventive and identifying treatment of an organ imbalance, as well as of its symptomatic events.

Surprise yourself while receiving three massage techniques within the same session: Relaxante (Relaxing), Tântrica (Tantric), and Tailandesa (Thai).

Massage technique that combines superficial touches. The objective is to experience new possibilities for pleasure, providing a higher awareness of your body and acknowledging its orgastic potential. In this massage, all the sensory potential of the body is awaken, promoting sensations and perceptions that were unknown before.

Massage technique where the therapist literally uses her whole body, including feet, to reach the energy lines of the client’s body, increasing the flexibility, relieving muscle tension, and balancing the energy systems. It is a deeply relaxing and energizing technique.

Spoil yourself with this highly delightful massage. Imagine your body being massaged by two therapists at the same time, applying their techniques in sync.

Experience a different sensation of pleasure. In this therapy, you can watch your partner receiving a relaxing massage from our therapists.


The thrill of the feminine touch is near you.

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